Ganesh Statue



Ganesh Statue



Ganesh come from the sanskrit and sometimes spelled as ganesh or ganesa which known as Deva of intellect and wisdom in Hindu Religion. People made ganesh statue from metal or crafted material. We believe that Ganesh brings good fortune and good feng shui, remove obstacle with his energy is one of his ability.

Ganesh obviously belongs to the pantheon of Indian Gods n famous Known as the elephant head deity . There are some story version about the elephant head of Ganesh , one the most popular is where he was beheaded and his Father , Lord Siva replaced his head with an elephant head .


Ganesh Statue

Ganesh is often placed in areas that need an opening or clearing , in front of house door , in front of  hotel Lobby to
starting a business.  Bring a sculpture of Ganesh to your home or office, it can be a beautiful fengshui cure for your space! . We believe Ganesh will bring many good luck , remove the obstacles , give us more energy at work place or at home. You can find some Ganesh Statues placed on some places in the our Resort  environment .

We can use canang sari as an offering and at Galungan and Kuningan usually we will decorate the statue too to celebrate the ceremony.  So please come and stay here at aditya lovina bali, the great place with some Ganesh Statues that will bring you in  sweet memory  for your holiday time.

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